Blurry representation of fonts in wxMaxima 17.05.0 of Maxima 5.40.0 on windows 10
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Roland Salz
2017-07-08 19:07:11 UTC

this message is for anyone who encounters the same problem I did with the wxMaxima version of Maxima 5.40.0 on Windows
10. While on one machine I had no problems, on the other one I saw all fonts blurry: wxMaxima input, output and even the
top and side menus.

There is a simple solution for this, thanks to Wolfgang Dautermann, who found it:

1. Open the properties menu of the wxMaxima shortcut,

2. Select compatibility,

3. Set "Disable scaling at high DPI values".

As far as I know Wolfgang is trying to find a way how to have this solved already by the installer.

Best regards,